I'm sorry.

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hyunsoo jung
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I'm sorry.

Post by hyunsoo jung »

When we do something wrong, we have to apology. At that time we say that “I’m really sorry” in English and “미안합니다” in Korea. But it has another meaning in English. For example, “I bought luxury wallet yesterday but I lost it.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” In this case, this has meanings which understand, don’t worry about it and cheer up. In Korea, each contains a different sense of signification.

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Re: I'm sorry.

Post by happynum1 »

Yes, they say that in that case, in addition, if I had some bad things, they say "Oh, I'm very sorry about that" in this case , it express "that's too bad."
So, I think their 'sorry' is different from ours.

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Re: I'm sorry.

Post by star71u »

Yes, I know it. "I am sorry." this sentense express just out of courtesy as well as real apology for other person in Korea.

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