Transforming of Global Language

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Transforming of Global Language

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According Kachru’s Circle, 320 to 380 million are native English speaker, 150 to 300 million from India, Nigeria, Singapore, and Philippines speak English as public language, over 100 million to 1 billion EFL speakers from South Korea, China, Japan, Greece, Poland, and Russia are quickly growing. I was surprised how huge member of non-native English speakers are increasing all over the world. Non-native English speakers outnumber native ones 3 to 1. It indicates Queen’s English is changing its’ own structures, vocabularies and meaning of words like local English-based dialect at home, national variety at school. According to English-language expert David Crystal, “There’s never before been a language that’s been spoken by more people as a second then a first.” This article mentioned several times of China’s English fever; since they had Olympic 2008, some province says, “If you can’t speak English, it’s like you are deaf and dumb.” I remember several scenes from TV program in 2008; it showed over 10 thousand people from children to adult gathered in big outdoor square in weekend, they communicated each other who they didn’t know to increase their speaking English skills and to get used to it. It said China government encouraged to practice English every weekend. It seemed strange to me because they didn’t know what they spoke it was all broken English but they continuously kept doing it. There were no teacher walked around to check right and wrong. Is it the way they expect to increase speaking level? I don’t think so. Some country speaks English with their accent and attitude. It is a cause of transforming English and I also have a responsibility for my students in the future.

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Re: Transforming of Global Language

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Do you think that transformations of English, or varieties of English in which people speak English in their accent or attitude are too bad?
Let me know your idea. *^.~*

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