The global launguge

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The global launguge

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I can not help being surprised that the numbers of the people who are in inner-circle countries now outnumber the ones in outer and expanding counties by 3 to 1. Moreover, within a decade, 2-3 billion people will be studying English will speak English. It shows that English is already definitely Global Language. There are many countries mentioned in this article that are China, India, South Arica, Malaysia, Germany, Japan and Korea etc. Among the countries, what attracts my attention is Korea because I am Korean as you know. Gyeonggi English Village is one of examples, which show that Korea has fever for English immersion. Anyway, we need communicative tool, as the interaction among countries is getting high. In this situation I have to accept that English is the tool for communication now. Currently various English versions every area exist, sometimes people thus feel difficult to communicate. For example, Konglish is hard to get for Non-Korean. So my opinion is that the common standard English would be needed, the organization which makes and disseminates it has to be built.

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Re: The global launguge

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I agree with your opinion: the common Standard English would be needed so, the organization which makes and disseminates it has to be built. But let’s think about the linguistic change. Languages are changed according to the passing of time and Korean too. So, maybe completely spreading the Standard English is rather hard I think. For example, in Korea, we decided to say the word, 자장면, like this, but it was changed one more. So, nowadays we say 짜장면. What is the standard?

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Re: The global launguge

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English is a skill and it can be key of success. Sohn Kak Kyu syas, " We wnat to train capable global citizens, who can help Korea win international competition in this age of globalization." I think other countries have same opinion. So English's globalization is a fast-paced.

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