English, gobal language

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English, gobal language

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In this article the writer argued that English is becoming global language. According to a research, within a decade, 2billion people will be studying English and about half the world -some billion people-will speak it. What huge numbers they are! According to English-language expert, Non-native speakers of English outnumber native speakers 3to 1. In Asia alone, English users have topped 350million. Now English has become the common linguistic denominator. However it's developments assumed a new aspect every region. New Englishes are getting global, ranging from "Englog," to "Japlish,""Hinglish." And in South Africa, France, Germany, and Korea, their English are different from standard English. Anyway, To achieve the goal, non native speakers are learning English at an younger age. Especially, China's English fever raised owing to the World Trade Organization and the 2008 Oympics. This situation is connected with money. In a word, jobs. The more the world has opened up, the more English is spoken. So, If the new English speakers want to get a good job, it is necessary to speak English. I can not help admitting that it is necessary to speak English to live in a global village. If I want to understand another world, English will become a means of communication. I think It has something to do with national power. Powerful countries use this language not to mention America, Even China-newly rising country. But the more I study English, the more I recognize our language, Korean. It's very easy and scientific outstanding language that most linguists have appreciated. If my country has great power, I will not care about English!!!

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Re: English, gobal language

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Yes, If "the expansion of Korean colonial power, and the emergence of the Korea as the leading economic power" was a real situation, we wouldn't study English. haha

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