English's internationalization

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English's internationalization

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Is it true that not-native English speakers now outnumber native ones 3 to 1 ? Wow~! I couldn't believe it. So this article said it's changing the way we communicate. According to this report, within a decade, 2 billion people will be studying English and about half the world-some 3 billion people-will speak it. This means 'English as a Global Language'. These day, many countries try to learn English a lot including China, Japanese, Turkey, even Middle east. Not to speak of teenagers, young men, and adults, too young children who are 2-year old have an English class of their own. They all push English. For example, An absolute majority of the companies which located in Korea take on new staffs who are able to speak English very fluently. It says that if you can't communicate with English, You will never get the job. Conversely, fluent english speakers find a position very easily. Thus, every people tries to learn English to live. That's why English has become the common linguistic denominator. Even though English is becoming a global language like this, not everyone is as open-minded about it. The strong blast of English can swamp and destroy local identities, native cultures and national character. Actually I teach English to younger students now, but I won't lose my sense of balance. Even though English is globalized and if this trend continue, it is not always good for the whole world.

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Re: English's internationalization

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I always wonder that the more we absorb in English the more our identity disapear. But I know that we have to be balanced to learn or teach English. That's the most important thing!

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Re: English's internationalization

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Thanks for making such a nice post. I really like your way of expressing the opinion and sharing the information.

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