It's up to student

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It's up to student

Post by SO-YOUNG »

As we learned before, language and culture is very close. So, when we teach our student a language, we teach also culture. I would like to give you an example; firstly, I want to quote something that peer’s previous homework. One day, a Korean student who is studying in foreign country said the expression “I kill you” to his classmate. In our point of view as a Korean, the sentence is not a big deal. It is kind of joking. But, in other country, the sentence will be thought like real. So, I think this is an example that the boy didn’t know the difference of culture. If we want to prevent the situation, we should know that importance of relation between language and culture and we should teach. And I think it is not important thing if we teach with which language. What we should do is tell our student the truth that there are lots of different English. If you should choose one type of English, I want to choose American English because this language is more familiar. And I will teach students American Language. But, when they study individually, choosing other English or studying with other English is up to them. I will let them to pick up the language what they want to study.

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Re: It's up to student

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I agree with your idea. Until now, American Version takes the place of standard English. However, I think that standard English can change depending on the dynamics of international world. Maybe, we will follow the trend.

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Re: It's up to student

Post by ICC_yuri »

Even some of American Enlgish is changed rapidly; some words are not used anymore, new words are coming depends on trend. Some word becomes the nationwide popular lingo. Teacher needs to be awared of new word and give them many examples of real life vocab.

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