Meaningful Lesson

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Meaningful Lesson

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Our classmates always love activity or group work. 11th class’s Barnga card game seemed very cheerful and enjoyable until semi-final game. As we enjoyed our play, I had a doubt why we did this card game in multicultural class but I forgot about the question. So-young who was my partner and I cooperated each other. After the winner from semifinal switched seats, our team had final game with others. I still remember the dark mood of opponents. The 1st round went smoothly, but the problem arose in 2nd round. Opponent team insisted “A” card is the highest number which differs from our rules. I was absolutely sure that they didn’t understand rules and four of us frozen about 1 minute without onomatopoeia just gazing at 4 cards. I thought our team won but I hated gloomy feeling of the situation so I gave 4 cards to opponent team. Of course 3rd round had same happening. Lastly, we all shocked! How I felt? Frustrated! Now I answered my question at beginning of class. Multicultural experience gives good or bad aspects personally but no one can’t tell it is good or bad because of cultural differences.

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Re: Meaningful Lesson

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I wonder why this game appear cultural difference I think It just difference of thought. It may not differnt in any of cultural situation. If we were in trouble for something, we would conduct according to our dicision not cultural difference. I don't know for sure.

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Re: Meaningful Lesson

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Ican totally tell what you felt. All we have to do for overcoming is to be ready to accept different culture from us.

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