Uncomfortable Culture shock

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ICC leeyunseo
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Uncomfortable Culture shock

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So far I thought that cultural difference was just important. Last class I experienced culture shock though trick game called BARNGA. At first we were bracketed two groups of four, there is an observer each group. Teacher explained the game rule and even handed out the paper of rule. I was really into that game, I was all ready to enjoy. First round, nothing happens. Second round started I realized something was getting wrong but I didn’t take it that serious. As time went by, we were getting confused, frustrated and even irritated. I looked around to see atmosphere: The numbers of the other team looked the same on our team. The game rule paper disappeared and communication with gesture were just allowed, two observers couldn’t stop silent laughing. Only then I understood what happened to us. Oh my gush! Each team had different rule. This activity made me realized that cultural difference is really big deal as much as we get shocked. This experience gave me an opportunity what we needs is to understand the procedure of making new rule with each other in which language is paramount tool for communication.

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Re: Uncomfortable Culture shock

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I agree with your opinion. And during the game I got a shock because of not only the cultural difference or culture shock but also, your expression. Haha. It was interesting time! ^^

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Re: Uncomfortable Culture shock

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Yes... It was an unconfortable and interesting activity at the same time. I will not be fooled by him next time. ^^

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