second Romeo & Juliet

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second Romeo & Juliet

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Last class, we had a second Romeo & Juliet game. Although we already had an experience, we were deceived by our professor. It was a huge shock! We were cheated one more! After class, however, we can memorize more easily and very strongly because of that shocking experience. Let’s see the way of game: first, we can divide the students in two groups and then give them different directions. The most important thing is that students don’t know the existence of different directions. Second, each group plays a game with their member and chooses the winner. Third, play the game with each group’s winner. And during the play the game, the people who play can notice that each group had a game with different ways. So, that time, we can associate this game with culture shock. We will be able to go through the culture shock because of differences of each country or society. I think professor’s intention is preparing our mind and thinking for a possible situation in the future.
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Re: second Romeo & Juliet

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First of all, thank you So-Young! we had a great team work. When we confronted uncomfortable situation because of recognizing different rule, I tried to avoid the serious mood. Thank you Jason giving us this fun game which has a lesson, advice, and interesting.
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