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Culture shock through the game

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:11 am
by ICC Seona
Last class, we played Barnga card game which is first time to the game for everyone. I tried my best to understand the rules. Because I wanted to win the game, as it did in any game. I thought I totally understood the whole rules of Barnga. In addition, I could make my trick ways. Before change the opposing team, I really enjoyed and spent happy time. But the final round is different. When our team brought the card, it was no doubt but opponent team prevented our action. First, Grace and I were embarrassed, and we frustrated. After few terms passed, of course our score was bad, Grace changed our rule and adapted opponent’s rule. This activity that made us think which way we should choose with cultural shock and how we receive different cultural things. And I felt the importance of communication.