When, where, how, why, what, could you tell me, can you tell me, do you know, isn't it, didn't they, etc. Discuss Wh questions, indirect questions, and tag questions.

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Youm Kyu Jin
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< Do + subject + verb >
You know her => Do you know her.
he likes music => Does he like music.

< Be + subject + verb >
he is a student=> Is he a student?
seoul is a city in korea. => Is seoul a city in korea?

Jone works (where). => Where does Jone work?

<Wh + is + subject>
The mart is (where). => Where is the mart?
hiphop party is (when). => When is hiphop party?

< To make past tense questions, just change the verb tense >
Did he play song?

< Tenses other than present simple and past simple usually have an auxiliary verb which can be moved to form a quwstion >
You are going. => Are you going?
They have gone. => Have they gone?
They will go. => Will they go?
Jason M. Ham
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Do you remember the homework?
We were supposed to post on wish in the wish forum.
Do you understand?
A: Do you remember the grammar point our class was supposed to post on?
B: Yes, I do. It was wish, right?
A: Yes, it was. What did you post on?
B: I posted on Wh statements and questions and Yes/No statements and questions.
A: Why did you do that? Was the assignment too confusing?
B: ...
continue... :)
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