It's a quite long time!!!!

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Kim Ji-hoon(22)
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It's a quite long time!!!!

Post by Kim Ji-hoon(22) »

It's a quite long time since I left my last post at this site..... :cry:

In fact, I have many stories to talk to you but my laziness prevent me from connect this site.....kkk

Well....... anyway, today is special day to me!!!
I have attended Ju-won church and our new church building had been building for 1year!!! And today the construnction have done!!! What a cool!!! I was very happy during worship!!! It's beautiful place...

Mmmm...... To tell the truth, recently I've started to throw doubt on what the bible says...... Thinking about my situation, I was not one for religion... So for some reason, my faith began to be shaken........

But I think it just a stage to be more strong in faith!!! And In my opinion, today's event must have been a clue to help my faith grow!!!

I have to go to bed!!!
Tomorrow is my English test....kkk with you!!! ^^*
Please could you give me a high score????!!!!

Anyway!! Good night!!!
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