What's your plan for the next year?

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What's your plan for the next year?

Post by ParkSeLin(MSB) »

Maybe you have nothing special scheduled, but the next year is still more than a half month away. I want to make plans I can acieve. I'll study English more hard, I'll travel several countries(including volunteering to help medical service in developing countries) and I'll spend more time with my familly cause I don't have enough time the year after next.
What's your plan?? :wink:

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Post by destroygg »

We look forward to continued success and growth in our soccer group

Next near, I want fresh-mans are come to our "FC.ART"

Jason M. Ham
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Post by Jason M. Ham »

No problem Jun-hong. Good luck at CUK. I hope you get to go out and play a lot of soccer this semester. Say hi to our old classmates for me, OK? I'm at Inha now.

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