Why not do something?

When, where, how, why, what, could you tell me, can you tell me, do you know, isn't it, didn't they, etc. Discuss Wh questions, indirect questions, and tag questions.

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Why not do something?

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This first showed up on a thread about the present perfect.
An Hee Tae wrote:A:Look at the guy with hat!
He has been after me. He came on too strong.

B:Oh,he's good looking.
Why not going out with him?

'http://www.stoo.com/html/stooview/2004/ ... 91215.html'

'Have been after me' means the other sex chase me from past to now.
And, 'come on too strong' means someone do greatly effort for getting some things.
I don't know why stoo.com used "why not going..." I've never heard why not + -ing. This should be Why not go out with him? - why not + base verb. It's a bit more casual than "Why don't you go out with him?" but the meaning is the same.
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