When, where, how, why, what, could you tell me, can you tell me, do you know, isn't it, didn't they, etc. Discuss Wh questions, indirect questions, and tag questions.

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When I was in high school I dreamed to go University about physical education. what I really want is only about physical. But I had advise from my parents and decide to go physical education. After I enter the University of Inha, I studied hard to make my dreams. I answered as I like physical education when one of my friend ask to me why I decide to go here. Now I don't have any regret about this selection. I do my best.
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My dream is to oriental medicine doctors.
Students majoring in science, but that now.
Still, "If you work hard in high school and study more." Idea, but
There is no regrets.
If you can satisfy the present,
Happy with it.
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