A Leap of a Frog from the Well to the Great Ocean

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Clara Park
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A Leap of a Frog from the Well to the Great Ocean

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Although I admitted that students should be taught to respect different cultures in a language class, I must have raised so many fluent fools, ignoring the culture embedded in it. I have not provided my students with the opportunities to develop their cultural awareness, making excuses that I was busy with the language skills for Korean SAT. In fact, I have been reluctant to introduce the cultural factors for my class because I didn’t know how to approach them. However, the best advantage I have got through the ICC class is an enhanced feeling of confidence for culture lessons based on several skills and unforgettable experiences. A huge change of my attitudes is demonstrated in the DMIZ quiz. To my surprise, unlike the first one, I agreed with all statements in Acceptance, Adaptation and Integration stages. The culture mini lesson within Moran’s framework was the valuable memory to teach the culture. Also, the guest speaker from Islamic country was powerful enough to destroy my prejudices about other cultures. The concept of ‘Wes’ gave me the information about the global spread of English: It felt like a miracle that I would communicate so many people in the same language- now 2 million, within 10 years and half the world, 3 billion. Also, the article ‘Not the Queen’s English’ encouraged me to teach Standard English and Non-standard Englishes- varieties of English in the world. Now, I enjoy mixing people from other cultures, discussing different perspectives and international problems and I know that there is no absolute truth between cultures. A frog in the well that is afraid of the great ocean gets to know how to leap for further wonderful world. I realized that teaching cultures promotes the intrinsic motivation of students, which is the fundamental factor for the success for their language learning. I would like to say to teachers who are unwilling to teach cultures that a frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.
ICC Grace
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Re: A Leap of a Frog from the Well to the Great Ocean

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I admire your awareness of the importance of teaching culture in your classroom! Just like you mentioned in your ODB, a frog in the well that is not afraid of the great ocean gets to know how to leap for furher wonderful world. How impressive words! The minute I saw that proverb, I just loved it!! Thank you!!~~^^**
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