Option B (Final Project)

This is where Jason's ICC students should post their final paragraph if they choose option B instead of the original final project.

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Option B (Final Project)

Post by Jason M. Ham » Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:14 pm

This condensed version final project is designed to allow you, the student, to:
- demonstrate your comprehension of theories and concepts introduced in the course which have had an impact on your intercultural competence
- demonstrate an ability to use the DMIS to your student profile
- demonstrate a readiness to apply this learning to your future teaching context
Due Date: Friday, January 13 (by 6:29pm)

Knowing Oneself: Reflecting on my Intercultural Sensitivity
Task: identify and analyze your stage of growth, according to the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity (DMIS). Use the headings provided to write a paragraph using to the following criteria:

Before: Describe your worldview before this course. Identify and describe your knowledge of other cultures, your linguistic and intercultural skills as well as attitudes toward the role of culture in English language teaching at that time.

During: Identify and analyze your stage of growth according to the self-assessment (called the DMIS quiz). Give examples of statements which you rated highly an elaborate to show how they reflect your attitudes. Support or qualify these results by citing relevant personal experiences from ICC class (such as participating in the cultural materials presentation, the five tricks card game, the wedding role-play, the interview with your cultural informant, the online discussion board or any other aspect of the course), Inha TESOL and/or outside of class. Explain how they impacted you. In addition, discuss any significant theories and concepts that played an important role in your development and explain why.

After: Reflect on the implications of this self-assessment in two ways: personal self-awareness and professional development. How has your sense of your cultural identity changed or deepened? How have your ideas about your roles and responsibilities as an English teacher changed? Elaborate and explain your opinions.

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