Valuable experience

This is where Jason's ICC students should post their final paragraph if they choose option B instead of the original final project.

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Valuable experience

Post by SO-YOUNG » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:13 pm

At the beginning of the first class, I have little background knowledge about other countries. I just thought that the other countries are the place which is worth a visit. And actually, there was anything to mention how I think about the other countries because I don’t have any experiences which are related with abroad. However, through this intercultural class, I have learned so many things. Professor’s instruction is one of the cultural shocks. When he taught us Romeo and Juliet game, I can’t think that this game will present cultural shock. Before participating the game, it was just game about fish which have a name but after the game, it caught my mind and I was getting more interesting about the culture more. There is also a change in DMIS. At the first check, I was not sure whether I can help solve differences between two different cultural groups or not. But now, I can do that. Through the mini-lesson, I also learned something important: learning about the other country is not only just knowing their culture and tradition but also knowing their history. When we know about the history, we can understand their tradition and culture more easily and we can approach to them with many interests. I think I can teach my student with many sources that I have learned from this class, and I hope I will give my student more valuable things.

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Re: Valuable experience

Post by ICC Grace » Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:18 am

We indeed had many valuable cultural lessons with Jason! I can't forget 5 card trick game either. It was a bit shocking experience to be cheated by a card game. However, I tried to learn something embedded in that lesson. In my opinion, that was a good example of showing or teaching us that culture shock could be very serious issue for each individual.

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