We are the cosmopolitan citizens

This is where Jason's ICC students should post their final paragraph if they choose option B instead of the original final project.

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We are the cosmopolitan citizens

Post by happynum1 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:59 am

I have many experienced through this course. According to DMIS quiz, My worldview is few changed that almost every stages are belong to Ethnorelative Stages. I am usually interested in intercultural communication. I thought many problems that happen all over the world come from more or less lack of understanding about other culture. But I didn't know how I can teach cultural differences in English. However I could understand the definition about the culture through "Bic C, small c culture." I could define the meaning more clearly and explain them to my students. Meeting Islamic people was very surprising experience in class and outside of class. I didn't know exactly about their attitude of religion or the marriage system. Especially polygamy, or bowing in worship their god is somewhat strange for me. After meeting them I wanted to know more about Islamic culture so I am reading about some books. I don't know exactly what should I do for intercultural themes. But just I should remember one thing is that every culture has its own cultural traditions and we should inherit and develop ours. Because we live in a global village and we are the cosmopolitan citizens!

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Re: We are the cosmopolitan citizens

Post by Clara Park » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:39 am

Meeting a lady from Islamic country was very shocking. I thought that polygamy was the abuse of women but it was designed for protecting women contrary to my prejudices. I was totally wrong. Every culture has it's own validity in their social ontext. That's the one of the most valuable experiences in this class.

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