The Importance of the Different Points of View

This is where Jason's ICC students should post their final paragraph if they choose option B instead of the original final project.

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The Importance of the Different Points of View

Post by Lee Miyoung » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:12 am

The role of cultural learning in the foreign language classroom has been the concern of many teachers and scholars and has sparked considerable controversy. But adapting culture lesson in the classroom is not easy tasks and many teachers including me have neglected the importance of teaching culture. That’s why it was a valuable experience for me. The best thing I have learnt through the ICC class is my different points of view when I see something different. According to analyzing and evaluating my results from the DMIS quiz, it reveals dramatic changes how I reformed. I agreed with all numbers in Acceptance, Adaptation and Integration stages. I was surprised with myself about this. And I had the some truly valuable and priceless experiences through the ICC class. Among others, the culture mini lesson with members of the group within Moran’s framework and ‘BIg C and small c lesson’ are still like maybe the best memories throughout the whole class. Big C and small c lesson gave me a refreshing jolt. I realized that it is important for us to expose ourselves to different cultural ideals and beliefs to stop perpetuating stereotypes and prejudices. And there are many ways to eracdicate these kind of stereotypes and one of them is education. Experience of culture mini lesson will pay me well in the future when I teach my students about the various culture from differnt countries.It goes without saying that foreign language teachers should be foreign culture teachers, having the ability to experience and analyse both the home and target cultures.ICC class helped contribute to a better understanding of culture and its importance in the foreign language classroom. Thanks all!

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Re: The Importance of the Different Points of View

Post by SO-YOUNG » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:59 am

yes! i agree with your opinion. we have learned many things. one of them is "Big C and Small C". Actually, we had a game with this principle and it was interesting it think.

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