The Value of ICC Course

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ICC leeyunseo
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The Value of ICC Course

Post by ICC leeyunseo » Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:59 pm

To be honestly, before this course I had rarely been thought about other countries carefully. I thought that the knowledge of other culture was used just one of materials to draw interest from learners. Because I wanted to be a physics teacher who can teach the contents in English, I had never considered linguistic and intercultural skills. But as time went by, this course definitely gave me many opportunities not only to realize how important ICC is, but also to learn the importance of awareness of the culture embedded with the language. Especially ‘Romeo & Juliet’ activity gave me an impact. If you have a prejudice, you would not see the truth behind. Another thing to attract my attention is trick game called BARNGA. Though the activity, I get a chance to know that cultural difference can make us get shocked. I also realize that the awareness of cultural differences is really essential to understand others. There is also a change in DMIS. At the first check, I was not sure whether I can help solve differences between two different cultural groups or not. After analyzing and evaluating my results from the DMIS quiz, I cannot help being surprised. I couldn’t imagine to get changed because I am so stubborn. But now I am changed a lot. I always keep in mind the lesson from ICC course. Given a chance to teach English, I can teach English self-confidently as a expert.

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Re: The Value of ICC Course

Post by ICC Grace » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:27 pm

You are absolutely right. For the last 5 months, we could resonsider the value of culture embedded in the language. Just like you, 'Romeo & Juliet' was a real eye-opener for me! Through all the activities that we did together like 'mini-lesson,' 'interviewing an informant' , I could learn the importance of our own culture, reponsibility of a group work, and a must cooperation!

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