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My Diary with God

Posted: Tue May 12, 2015 8:11 am
by Vicky Hoang
Hello Teacher,

I am a new member and I would like to join English Coversation to improve English. Here is my short essay. Will you please correct my grammar and put any comments on my topic ? I would appreciate it.

Dear God,

I am very sad and not peace of mind as my family is not happy. We always argue about money. I know I am wrong when I am so selfish with my husband's family since I think that they did not treat me nice and unfair with me. Also, I am wrong when I expected things were not mine. Even if my husband is giving everything to his mom, I should not behave like a child. Everything caused us problems are money. Jesus, I put money over you, I did not obey what you have been teaching me through the bible and sisters who always give me the advises. I ignored all that advises and did whatever I wanted. I did not trust in you Jesus! I calculated everything for myself because I did not trust my husband after I realize how he treated me. I know he is a good person and he is dutiful to his parents and his sister. Due to that point I am afraid that he will take the benefit from ours to share his family. He did not trust me as well and he calculated everything with me even a dollar. He is trying to control the money that he makes and he excused everything that I have my own money and why he can't . Jesus, I really don't want my family fall in to this situation as the argument will not be ended if we just care about money instead of trying to build a happy family. Jesus, you know my thoughts , right ? I never have thoughts to betray my husband but I cannot release my mind in order to I can trust my husband . Maybe, I am so selfish and I don't love others rather than myself and my love ones. Jesus, I know that you expect me to be a different person . You want me to love my enemies,or the persons who will never give me the credits back. Jesus, I am not a saint and I am having all weakness of sins. I need your help as I cannot release myself without your help. I don't want to live in selfish ways, this makes me unhappy and I can make more mistakes in the future. Jesus, please let me see all sufferings and challenge that has come to my life is training me in a good way. Please give me your powers so that I can give up everything that does not belong to me such as money and selfish. Money and Selfish are dangerous things that can kill my soul and destroy my happiness. So, please teach me how to use money in a right way. Jesus, I feel at peace at this moment as I can write all this feelings to you. I love you Jesus , please walk in with me in all challenges. Amen

Re: My Diary with God

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 8:17 am
by thowans
What a wobderfull essay. It's really great that you decided to improve your skills. I think that selfdevelopment is always good. Yo know, my wife is a teacher. Sometimes she's so tired with her students that she comes home like after a war. When we were talking after dinner she pointed an interesting thought. She said that it would be better if her students will bring her their essays written by some kind of writing services. at least she will not be worry about grammar. And then we laughed and laughed. So good luck Vivky. I wish you to have really interested students who really cares and respect their teacher.