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Post by teesha »

Hello guys,

I have problem with articles and prepositions in English grammar
Could any one recommend the procedures to go about mastering these. :(

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Post by aracelly »

hey i am new here and i need practice english
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Post by mariarobert81 »

hi I new I need more english because a want to go university .
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Re: Articles

Post by James Trotta »

Aracelly and Teesha - you'll find more conversation partners on the other forums. This one is more for asking grammar questions so I encourage you to use this forum to ask questions but if you're looking to talk to people and make friends try the "tell us about yourself" forum.
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Re: Articles

Post by Manuscriptedit »

Hi Teesha, visit and search for information regarding 'Articles' and 'Preposition'. Lots of resources are there you just have search for it. To practicing Preposition you must follow more and more examples because the use of Prepositions vary with the context of the sentences.
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