gerund and infinitive

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gerund and infinitive

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Hi Professor Ham,
I got low scores when I try to answered an online quiz with regards with gerund and infinitive.
Can you please explain to me what is gerund and infinitve and how it is used in a sentence?
Thank-you and more power!

Jason M. Ham
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Gerunds and Infinitives

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There's a lot one could say about gerunds and infinitives, but basically a gerund is an ing verb that acts like a noun in a sentence and an infinitive is a structure formed by putting to in front of a verb. They can also act like nouns in sentences. There are many functions for each. Gerunds can act like subjects:
Skiing is healthy and fun.
They can also be objects in sentences:
My favorite activity is going scuba-diving.
Gerunds and infinitives follow certain other verbs with regularity. It's a good idea to learn these and remember them: I'm interested in + gerund.
I prefer + infinitive. I like + gerund or infinitive--the infinitive being the more common use according to Cambridge's corpus. Anyway, I could go on and on, but that should be good for starters. Let eme know if you have any specific questions about problems you missed on the quiz. Perhaps we can be of some assistance.

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