I'm confused T_T

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I'm confused T_T

Post by LeeYoungJoo(02) »

I'm confused about "The".
Help me!
Anyone will do. :D

-I'm afraid of dogs.
(Why not 'the dogs'?)
-My favorite sport is football.
(Why not 'the football'?)
-Crime is a problem in most big cities.
(Why not 'the crime'?)
-Life has changed a lot in the last 30 years.
(Why not 'the life'?)
-Do you often listen to classical music?
(Why not 'the classical music'?)

I know the reason why I can't use 'the ~'.
But, I'm confused when I apply this to real cases. :(
What can I do for this prob?
Help me.

Lee DongHwan(MSC)
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Post by Lee DongHwan(MSC) »

as far as I know,
we only use "the" in front of "specific" things.
For instance, in the first sentence, the person speaking
is not afraid of a specific dog, but afraid of dogs in general.
That is why it is better to not use "the"

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