question about atricles...

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Byoung guk Yoo
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question about atricles...

Post by Byoung guk Yoo »

I am confused by a point of differnce between the definite article and the indefinite article.

Generally, the definite article presents something decided and the definite atricle expresses something undecided.

But I'm confused by this sentence"I am a boy"

"I'm the boy" is false?

P.S: I don't have middle name. My first name is Byoungguk.
It's just my mistake.;;;I'm sorry for that;;;...

I just wanted to clarify my name.

Please, understand me ^^;;
Thank you.(I'm sorry that P.S is too long.)
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Andy Tran
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Post by Andy Tran »

:D Hello ESL friends

If I am not wrong. I am a boy is more correct than I am the boy. A refers to any boy and the refer to specific things such as the chair, the car, and the tree. I haven't heard of I am the boy, but I heard a lot of I am a boy. Have a wonderful day everybody.


James Trotta
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Post by James Trotta »

This 100% depends on the context. For example:

Tim: Who spilled my milk?
Jim: I'm the one. (I could say I'm the one who spilled the milk)

Tim: You look funny. Are you a boy or a girl?
Jim: I'm a boy. You're a mean jerk. You're the biggest jerk in the world!

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Post by scarlettO »

Are you the boy who called me a jerk!

Since I'm a girl and you're a boy, then you're the jerk!

A bit of silliness this morning!

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