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Yi Ji Hoon


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Yi JI Hoon "I'm writing a message" (For Jason's class)

This is a sentence which deals with conditional sentences using "if", the word "conditional" actually tells us when to use it.
If she quit smoking, I will employ her.
The sentence above tells us a situation where a lady is being offered a job on the condition that she quit smoking. Which tells us that there is a conditonal limitations on she being employed.
If she be kind, I will go out with her.

The sentence above tells us a situaion where a man is having conflict over going out with a woman. This means that the man will go out with the girl under the condition that she is kind

Form = If + S + V(Present tense) ~, S'+ will+ V(base)

It was pretty hard getting used to the system. It took me some time but it was fun. I hope we could see these kind of systems in learning my major too. But I hope we don't do this too often, because I'm not such a High Tech kind of guy. Thank you Jason. See you in class.

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Make sure you're careful using those present tense, third person verbs. The final "s" should not be forgotten at the end of the verb in this sentence.
If she quits smoking, I will employ her.
Also, watch your be verb usage in this example.
If she is kind, I will go out with her.
You have a great grasp of the concept--just be careful with the little, simpler stuff as you progress. :)
I'm glad you enjoy using this system to learn.
If you log on and study often, you will definitely improve.

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