More Foreign-Born Scholars Lead U.S. Universities

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More Foreign-Born Scholars Lead U.S. Universities

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Interesting article here about the number of non-US-born scholars leading US universities. I wonder if universities in other countries are also making foreign-born scholars leaders.

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Re: More Foreign-Born Scholars Lead U.S. Universities

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I read the article. I think it's quite interesting topic. I would like to say two things about this.
First, I think the reason that half or two-third of the students who got scholarships are international students is becuase that they are sort of deparate. They might not have enough money to live in there but they can live there and settle down by doing their best and getting scholarships.But I was still surprised by the statistics.

Second, I think the reason that foriegners could play big roles is because that they were in America! The country of endless opportunites :)! However I think It might be difficult for other countries to make foreign - born students leaders. For example, South Korea, It's hard for them to be leaders. The reason is becuase Koreans consider their own relatives really important. Koreans are relatively collectivist. They might not like to see people from other countries to become leaders in Korea. (Sad but it's true. Especailly for older generation.) Also,If a leader is a foreigner people might think that he/she won't do his/her best to help Korea's economy.

But I think this article is a goooooooood news for international students who live in Amreica atm :) It can be me!

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Re: More Foreign-Born Scholars Lead U.S. Universities

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Actually, I have a different opinion. Its pretty simple. There are more(much much more) non Americans in the world than Americans and the top ranking learning institutions are centered in the states so I think its pretty obvious that the majority of the excelling students in the Universities are studetns from other countries. Having this into consideration, American students being the one third of those who recieve scholarship is amazing. It would rather be interesting if Amercians were the majority in the top ranking Universities.

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