Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Some people may think that many tourist places which include battlefield memorial become too commercial thesedays. However, isn't it good to have souvenir stores if we remember the historical events by purchasing souvenir and displaying them in our houses?

Tell us about your opinion!
smile Jungwoo Park
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Personally, I do not think it is a good idea to sell souvenirs at these kinds of places.
I think taking a photo and remembering the place will be better rather than buying souvenirs.
selling souvenirs in a battlefield tourism places looks like they are using a place that is supposed to be a memorable place as a shopping center.
I might sound too conservative, but it's just my opinion.:D
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Honestly, I have mixed feelings..

If the place I'm going to allows photography, then I prefer taking photos over buying a souvenir..
However.. not all places, unfortunately, permit photography!
Museums are really the only main place I can think of right now..
but I'm sure there are other places like these that do not welcome photography..
Instead, they would sell postcards or other types of souvenirs nearby..

Personally, I would just take a photo of the museum from the outside..
since they won't let me take photos inside the museum haha..
But I could very well drop by the souvenir shop and pick up something if I see the need to...
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by elevenoclock_kyungAOh »

Do we need to have a "souvenir" to remember the battle and its tragedy?
What kind of souvenir might be suitable, then?

I think the feelings that we had in the battlefield will be the most valuable "souvenir".
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Like I said.. I really think it depends on the type of "souvenir" ...
I, personally, take photos as souvenirs..
Now.. is that so wrong?

There are other "souvenirs" that you don't necessarily have to purchase..
Sometimes, people give out cheap necklaces for a special day or event.. (I got one a few months ago)

As Miss Kyung-A stated..
the feelings felt when visiting these places could also be a souvenir!

So I think it's important to think about what a "souvenir" is..
and consider what kind of "souvenir" you think would be important.

Some people like getting some sort of physical item to help remember the emotions from that moment.
I don't see anything wrong with that!
What I DON'T understand..
is building bars and casinos in front of places that should be respected and taken good care of.
Bars and casinos are the perfect examples of the worst souvenirs for a battlefield.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by mandisclark »

During my travel i am always purchase any historical to display them in our houses. So that whenever i see these things, I always remind that places from which these are purchased. I think its highlight & remind all the memorable moments.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (lab102)InesJarqueWarnotte »

Personally I don't think it's a good idea to sell souvenirs in memory of an event such as war. It's a tragic event which coasted the life of many people and the pain of others, how can it be good to sell souvenirs of that?

In my opinion, such souvenir stores would be a way of making money over a tragic part of history. Also, I wouldn't want to by such souvenirs and dispose them in my house. It would be a lack of tact for the soldiers who died and their family.

These days everything is turned into something comercial, it's quite sad. Any Battle shoud be remember as an historical event and not as a "souvenir" in our living room.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (lab102)kimdoojin »

I think, however, we can find out some good points of commercialism. Those commercial things like souvenirs or some events provide people with incentives to visit the battlefields. If there are no commercial things, people are not likely to visit those places. And then the battlefields could be forgotten. Moreover, much money is required to preserve the battlefields. In my opinion, some commercial things are needed, in spite of their side effcts, in order to preserve the battlefields and prevent them from being forgotten.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (starbucks)leehyeonsoo »

In my opinion, almost every tourist attraction is destined to be commercialized, and definitely, Battlefield is one of them.
Frankly speaking, I think it's not that bad.
Because, I am the one who wants some sourvenirs that can prove and recollect I've been there once.
Of course it is not reasonable to buy souvenirs extravagantly, cajoled by some atrocious merchants.
But if you buy some to bear the battlefield in mind, I think that "Commercialism",if not too much, is actually not that of a bad thing.
You know what souvenirs, or mementoes means. It is a stuff that can make you reminisce a place or a person.
Seeing their souvenirs, people can remember the battlefield and the history in it, educating our promising children.
So, I think the Battlefield tourism being too commercial is not a big deal, or probably, kind of a good thing.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (starbucks)joungyoonchoi »

I think it depends mostly on the purpose one has when buying souvenirs. If one buys them as a memento or a relic in order to remember the battlefields, then its okay. If these souvenirs are degenerated to mere gifts or vacation/travel 'tropies', then I guess it is a problem.
(starbucks)Tae-Hun, Gu
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I think souvenir stores are not a problem. Of course I don't agree with those places are messed up by pubs, casino, etc., but battlefields need some attractions to get tourists. Even if more of the tourists visit the parks or monuments just for picnic, some might get interested in the history, what this site means for us and so on.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (101)Leeyerang »

Well, I don't think it is a good idea for battlefield tourisms becoming too commercial. First of all when I think about when I was young, I always used to expect to buy something if I went to a tourism place for example kyung bok gung. I think that most children would be similar as me. Instead of thinking about the real reason we came to this place, the children would only think that they came here to buy some cool souvenirs. This is also related to the first reason but moreover. If the battlefields become too commercial I think that the place will lose it's initial purpose of being made as a tourism place.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (Aplus)LeeMinHyung »

The society we live in is becoming more and more commercial, which makes some good-natured places rather corrupted. But, I think selling souvenirs in battlefield stores is not yet depraved.

What is important is to keep the current situation and prevent it from stepping into the wrongheaded precedents like a movie market or entertainment business.

Isn't it absurd to ban sales of souvenirs in a memorable place only because it could turn into the vicious purposes?

I do concur with someone who argues that every touristic place would be turned into kinds of commercial area in the end. We, however, don't have to forbid those shops to stop selling souvenirs

because those items could help us to recollect our brave ancestors and, to some degree, could even evoke patriotism.
(starbucks)Hong ji eun
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

Of course, taking a photo is one of the ways to keep something in our mind.
But I also agree about the writer’s opinion. Although thesedays battlefield memorial become too commercial, we can’t talk the reason is souvenir stores. Souvenir stores are one of the ways to remember the historical events. In my case, I have been to North Korea. In that place, I bought the a lot of memoriable things like a photo, ring and medal......and so on. Whenever I see things, I can feel moving as if I already exsisted. And in my opinion, the main reason to become commercial is tuition fee. I was very surprised at tuition fee. Especially two month ago, I have been to historical events. And the tuition fee is 5000won. Why this fee is so expensive??
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I totally agree with you. Just an education can be easily forgotten. But by buying souvenir,tour could be more impressive to children. And souvenir keep reminding children of tour and it could be more educational to children. In breif selling souvenir has more positive effects in my opinion.
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