A slim figure

This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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200720506 Sojeong
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A slim figure

Post by 200720506 Sojeong » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:07 am

Hello~ I'm Sojeong!

These days I worry about my fat body.
I wish to be slimmer than currently my body.
I always envy female entertainer's spare figure and burnished skin ㅜㅜ
So I resolution to lose weight and reducing a make a plan!
I prefer a well-balanced figure than skinny body.

Many Korean girls starve themselves in hopes to lose weight.
But it is very injurious to ours health and bring about yo-yo dieting.
So for the last few days, I will eat a well-balanced diet and avoid too much snacking between meals.
In addition, I'm planning to do jump rope everyday.
I hope I will success dieting at any cost!

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Re: A slim figure

Post by 201021011YISEUL » Sun May 01, 2011 9:55 am

365 days a year many korean girls have a diet.
but, I prefer skinny body than well-balanced figure.
so, I always have a diet to make skinny figure.
It is too hard...because I love fat-foods!

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