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Post by Inha(57)kwonosung »

hi I'm O-Sung Kwon. :lol:

I'm glad to meet you in this cyber class.

my topic is ' Movie ' because watching movie is my favorit hobby.

What I like Most genre is Melo. melo movie make me sensual.

when I was watched 'TITANIC' in 1997, It was very inpressed.

The movie's sight was good, Unhappy ending was so sad.

And I think actor&actress is the best couple.

Do you like movie?

How about going to watching movie?

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Post by inha(108906)ParkHyunKook »

I liked the movie melodrama.
My girlfriend, who loves horror movies.
Favorite genre is different, but enjoy a movie together.
When someone can do with the movie is getting more interesting.

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Post by Inha(906)YiJeongHyeon »

I love movies!!
I watch movie almost of genre.
Melodrama, Action, Horror, and so on, I love all that movie.
I watched Korean Movie happiness yesterday on my computer.
And I'll go to the theatre tomorrow.

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Re: movie

Post by trity97 »

<Error analysis> Kong, Yangje

melo movie make me sensual. --> melo movie makes me sensual

I think it is natural order. Missing morphemes '-s'

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200920231 장정호 movies

Post by 200920231장정호 »

I love watching movies. Recently, I saw the movie Black Swan, it's a movie which the main actor is Natalie Portman, who is one of my favorite actors
in the whole world. And this movie was a movie that made me like her even more. I've never felt goosebumps this much while watching movie. But while
watching this, I really fell into it. I was so absorbed into her face expression, hand gestures, the actor made me sympathize with her.
It was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen so far.;)

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Re: 200920231 장정호 movies

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Jeong-ho, what other movies did you like with Natalie Portman? Also, would you mind changing your username to English please--200920231 jeongho? We're trying to keep this forum in English. There are users from all over the world and we want them to be able to know your name--even if they can't read Korean. Thank you. By the way, you're an awesome baritone! That piece in Mikael Building was great--both of them actually. :)

201020037 Tae Kyoung
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Re: movie

Post by 201020037 Tae Kyoung »

I think movie is one of the greatest invention in human life ^^
I love the movie
I respect the greatest world superstars but also the greatest writer, unseen staff including director in that

My favorite part is...Hmmm...Movie seen Animal character..
Example...The Lion King, Jurrassic Park...HAHA
And I also love Comic it...My favorite is Johnny English
I watched it about 2003...It was best comic movie ^^

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Re: movie

Post by 201020774 hong seung pyo »

movie...umm i think movie is human a basic instinct
everypeople desire to expression of his or him
and i reccomand one movie. the moive is my sassy girl.
the movie actor is jun ji hyun and cha tae hyun.
It tells the story of a man's chance meeting with a drunk girl on the train which changes
more and more interesting the movie story is really happen^^
finally a famous line kwon woo said "Fortuity is a bridge that fate is mediating to someone who efforted"

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Re: movie

Post by jungjinwon »

Do you like thriller movie?

I want to see a hair-raising thriller ,a tightly-plotted thriller and in-your-face action thrillers.

I don't have time to go to movie , but I used to see well known thriller movie like 'dark knight ' at home.

Would you like to go to the movies on Saturday?

201020246 Kwon Hyo Won
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Re: movie

Post by 201020246 Kwon Hyo Won »

I also like watcing movie so much ! What other genre of movie do you like ? For me, I like the kind of action or.. romatic movie :D
And I think the same that Titanic is really nice movie I'v ever seen. So i watched over 5 times of that movie. :)
Could you recommend me to watch another movie that you saw ?

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Re: movie

Post by 201020196kimhyeseung »

Titanic I saw so much. ^ ^
Ahswiwoseo ending the film is a lot to laugh, cry.
I see your hobby is my favorite genre of movies I like everything except promising fantasy.
Sunny days on the fun of this movie is a really funny movie once titled I'm in the mood.
Once you do your find an extra day.
Pirates of the Caribbean's just that, and released two kids and expecting too much Can. ^ ^
You do not like melodrama than any other genre?
To challenge in a variety of genres.

200720340 woo young
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Re: movie

Post by 200720340 woo young »

wow.. you like Titanic??
I do love titanic too!!
it is my favorite moive!!

when I saw the movie at first time, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was the most handsome guy in the world...
now.. he...looks fat... and he is not as attractive as he used to be...
he is good at acting though..:)

200920610 OhMiRae
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Re: 200920231 장정호 movies

Post by 200920610 OhMiRae »

I watched that movie, too.
Because I like thrillers and 'Black Swan' is thriller movie.
In addition, Natalie Portman's acting was very impression.
I think that 'Black Swan' is a really well-made movie.

201020074 Yangjisoo
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Re: movie

Post by 201020074 Yangjisoo »

Hi, I'm Yangjisoo. I also like to watch movie.
I like action movie, fantasy movie and animation.
These days 3D movie is very popular.
I also like 3D movie since 3D movie is more vivid and exciting than existing movie.
In case of 3D movie, 'Avatar' is the best interesting movie I think. I think you also watch this movie.
It is very preposterous than existing movie. In my case, It is very shocking and fresh.
What do you think about it? Do you know another good 3D movir?
Meanwhile these days, movie cost too expensive.
so, I go to theater at morning and get morning discount.
If you get a morning discount, you can see movie as half cost.

201020004 kiju
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Re: movie

Post by 201020004 kiju »

hi~ my name is kiju :D
i like to watch the movie too, infact i did watch movie yesterday.
the movie's title is '써니', i impressive this movie. so i want to recommend you.
this movie remind 80's momories.
so if you watch the movie with parent, you feel more happy~
in movie, there are many actors. so you are not tired of this movie.
see you~ :D

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