Im happy beacuase of u

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201020204 Park Jiyeon
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Im happy beacuase of u

Post by 201020204 Park Jiyeon »

I wish for date always. And I was unforgettable date sometime ago.

I have a boyfriend. That day It just one year since we got meet.

We vist kunkuk uni, station. Because we meet that place the first time.

and We have luch in TGIF. and He take out that brough cake from home.

There upon suddenly that place the staff came closer to our and They were sing very excting.

I received an hero taht day, as it were at the situdation.

By the way He say to me . More the remainder of event.

I'm very glad. and I was harbor expections.

And we went to a singingroom. He is sing not well. But always hard.

But My major is music. Sometimes When he sings taht i funny a little.

Anyway he took me to another place. The place make me surprise.

Because balloon stick a bill on the wall full , and candlelight is make a road to the floor.

I was happy . and We has hair dyed soft red color.

He makes me princess.

Although I quarreld with him about a trivial matter, Maybe we will steadfast love~♡

200820983 Tonghan
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Re: Im happy beacuase of u

Post by 200820983 Tonghan »

spring is coming!! have a good time with your boyfriend.

201021658 kim hye won
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Re: Im happy beacuase of u

Post by 201021658 kim hye won »

Oh! The story is both happy and envy.
Because, I have long distance relationship with boyfriend.
so, I am spending less and less time with my boyfriend.
I envy you :)

201020215 EunYoungOh
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Re: Im happy beacuase of u

Post by 201020215 EunYoungOh »

i know you and your boyfriend!
your couple is very cute and funny~

201020224 Lee Hyun Ji
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Re: Im happy beacuase of u

Post by 201020224 Lee Hyun Ji »

Hi!! My friend Ji yeon!!
Wow~ You look so very very happy~
Your boyfriend is very romanticist!!
Do you still love him like before?
You go out with your boyfriend very long time, Isn't it?
You fighting with your boyfriend many time?

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Re: Im happy beacuase of u

Post by 201020189KoAhReum »

I wish for date always too!
I also have a boyfriend
But he went to army
So i envy your dating life~
Hope your love forever^^

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