my travel story

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201020872 강성진
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my travel story

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i love to travel with my friend.

last year summer, i went America for meeting my friend

we planned trip from sanfransisco(is spelling right? lolol) to canada

my friend drove his car and i looked map

i can see the las vagas and grand canyon and yellow stone

as soon as we reach the canada ,we go to the victoria iland

but we can't go out of the i land .

we miss the last fairy

then.. we have to stay in the 24hours mac donard

i can't forget this trip
201021685 Baek Min Woo
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Re: my travel story

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ohh~ mac donard runs 24 hours?.?
you miss your last summer so much :!: :!: :D
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Re: my travel story

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Wow, Travel with friend is very interesting!
But, I want to travel alone than with friend.
I think quarrels could happen to me.
200920489 park min ju
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Re: my travel story

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wow, It sounds great!
Travel whit friends are really interested.
but when they travel together, they have some troubles in the trips.
That kinds of troubles are hard to controll :(
201020665 Tae-joon
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Re: my travel story

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wow america!!!I envy you.
I want to go canada with my family, friends.
Traveling in summer is really interesting.
201020899 AhnHyunJin
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Re: my travel story

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Compare to me, maybe you're very lucky!
I've never been to States.
Have you ever been to one of the East Asian countries?
If you haven'y, I suggest you to go there, cause there are lot of fun that you might find. ^^
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