online conversation during class

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online conversation during class

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According to the article on NY Times, “Speaking up in class, Silently, Using the Tools of Social Media”, Twitter and some other backchannels are being used by about 2 percent of teachers and professors in America and nearly 50% of them think that this technology would positively affect students’ learning. I am also in favour of using the online conversation during the class. I believe the social media interaction will increase students’ participation because they can feel comfortable to speak up when they type something down instead of having class discussion.

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Re: online conversation during class

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I know some professors use social media to get their students interacting with people from different cultures. I see the advantages of Facebook and message boards like this one but I don't get Twitter.

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Re: online conversation during class

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Twitter is handy because the information shared there is in micro chunks. I don;t know if it's the times we live in but personally my brain processes these micro chunks of information much easier than reading a full novel. Short attention span maybe? lol

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