Coming or Going?

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Coming or Going?

Post by happynum1 »

When someone call me, we just say "I go now" in Korean "지금 가요," but It's in English "I'm coming." When I heard this expression at first, I wondered why do they use that kind of expression. I certainly "I go that way." I thoght they were wrong. But long after that, I came to know they say that expression in the other side position. There is some reason in it. There is another different expression from ours. For example, we say "신사, 숙녀 여러분!" but They say "Ladies and Gentlemen!", we say "신랑, 신부" but They say "bride and groom" They always make female go ahead. They say "lady first" I think there is a definite cultural difference in these expressions. May be was it from knighhood in Middle Ages? and we have live maledominated society for a long time. May this expression has something to do with that? I am not sure. I just make a rough guess.

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Re: Coming or Going?

Post by ICC Seona »

I have an idea that it is quite similar to yours. We usually say “I will meet you at 7:00 in front of the box office.” But they say “I will meet you in front of the box office at 7:00.” The order is different. When, Where or Where, When

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Re: Coming or Going?

Post by SO-YOUNG »

I agree with your opinion: May be was it from knighthood in Middle Ages? And we have live male-dominated society for a long time. As we know, the notion of preferring a son to a daughter was very common thought in Korea. (Of course some family still stick to the notion.) so, I think it is related each other.

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Re: Coming or Going?

Post by ICC leeyunseo »

I am sitll confused when I use the expression"I'm comming." Moreover I also feel weird when I hear the expression "I am here to see you' = 너 만나러 왔어 I thought " I came here to see you" would be propriate. Now I understand It is one of differences between Korean and English.

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Re: Coming or Going?

Post by Clara Park »

when I was young, I was also confused about "coming",or "going"?
Actually, sometimes i make mistakes unintentionally.
So I guess it's not likely to change "small c" *^.~*

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Re: Coming or Going?

Post by ICC_yuri »

I didn't care the order Americans call "Bride and Groom" instead "Groom and Bride", Ladies and gentleman. Korea has opposite order because of a patriarchal society???

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