English, general language

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English, general language

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We live in a global village these days, so we need to have a means of communication. It is English. To communicate one another in the global village, we need to know the language. More and more countries speak English. But in every region, the language assumes a new aspect. People use different kind of English like "Englog," "Japlish," or "Hinglish." Why is that phenomenon occured? English is penetrated into every culture and played a variation. So as a teacher when we teach English in the classroom, we should keep the thing in mind and made students perfectly clear. As well, British and U.S. versions are general trend in Korea particularly U.S. English, because they have super national power. We can not help admitting it. I've heard that some countries' languages are disappearing now, and then the peoples are declined. I know, language is the power of the country. So it is natural that we should learn English, but we should not forget about our language Korean power. Language and culture have inseparable relationships.
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Re: English, general language

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I agree with your idea that learning English is a tool to communicate with other country around and English has power itself.
What do you think whose English should be taught in class?
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