Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

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Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by (101)kunhwasong »

Have you ever heard of Karosta Prison(It means 'Naval Port Prison' in Latvian language)?
It is a 100-year-old prison in Latvia in Europe. Red Army's soldiers, who ploted a revolt, were sent to the prison in Soviet times.
The place does not keep criminals anymore. Instead, a warden of the prison regularily invites children from orphanges or elementary schools so as to show tragic and dismal envrionment of the prison. Invited children get to experience what it is like to live in a prison.

Juris Rakis, the present warden, thinks such place(a prison, or battlefield, and etc) teachs children a lesson. So he tries to invite orphans, who have more probability of committing crimes than usual children.

Do you think that a battlefield or a prison is a useful tool to give children a lesson? and to prevent vulnerable children from attempting crimes?

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by (lab102)InesJarqueWarnotte »

I actually think it's a good idea to make children realize the sacrifice some people made for them, and how those people helped make a better futur for us. By visiting battlefield they can learn why their ancestors fought, and also realize war is something to avoid since it gives so much sorrow and hardship to the people we love.

Also by visiting prisons, I think children can realize by themself how horrible is the prison life and later on in their life it might actually stop them from comitting a crime.

In my opinion, to teach children such values will help them be better adults and later on will as well, help them make better choices.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

Karosta Prison seems like a really interesting place from what you've wrote here!
I think it's great that they've preserved the prison and opened it up to the public to visit and take a look around. The visual effects from seeing the actual remains of the prison and hearing stories from the warden would definitely set a very negative image in children's heads, which may eventually lead to a decrease in innocent and vulnerable children committing crime in the long run. However, I think children who are exposed to poor living environments while growing up have possibilities of falling into crime anyway.

Anyways...well done :D

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

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Well it would be beneficial to the children because they will be learning about their country's history but do not think that by showing them the prison, would have a great effort on them.
Some children these days are uncontrollable by their parents, instead they control their parents. I personally think that the best way to teach a child to stay out of trouble or prison is for them to experience it themselves or else they will never learn.
children from the 21st century have to learn the hard way or else it will be useless correcting them for their wrongdoings.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by 101Jungnuri »

I want to talk about the idea of visiting ‘Karosta Prison’. Yes, that’s true Karosta Prison is an interesting and memorable place. But don’t you think it’s too much as an educational place? We don’t need to learn all things through experience. (You already know fire is hot before touch it.) Visiting prison only gives children unpleasant feeling at that time. And there are lots of wonderful places in the world. I think we’d better go those places first than prisons.
(Moreover, I don’t like the warden’s idea. Do orphans really have more probability of committing crimes than usual children? Seriously? :cry: )

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by (101)Jungheami »

Because orphans have more probability to commit crime, should they go visit the former prison and get a lesson? What kind of lesson would it be? I heard a creepy voice like this, "The prison is a scary place, kids. Don't you want to be caught and kept any places like this? Then, be a good kid." I don't like to be cynics and I think battlefield itself doesn't have any harm to children. However, about the purpose to visit there? It matters. If children are very interested in the history of battlefield, visiting there could be a great experience and even a perfect field trip. As other students mentioned, it will teach them how their ancestors served and sacrificed for their nation. But, in this warden's case, he uses this Karosta Prison as a tool to threaten the orphans. Which lesson he ever intended to teach in the first place, it is obviously not generated for children's sake but from his own prejudice. He just wanted to give a little education? No way.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by (101)Leeyerang »

I think that by having a chance to experience Karosta Prison, children could learn things. For example, by experiencing the prison, they could think that 'I shouldn't commit a crime because I do not want to be treated like that in prison' . This kind of experience could warn children not to commit crimes.
However, I think that this experience should not only concentrate on the children in the orphanage. The reason is because if the children find out later that they were the people who mostly had to experience these things, they might create a negative thought about the society. Also, although orphans have more chances to commit a crime, just ordinary students could also have the same chance of comiting a crime. So I think that that kind of experience should be done equally to every child.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by (101)HanKyeoRe »

I think sightseeing the Karosta Prison isn't harmful to children. Because contemporary children have a variety of experience in their lives.
For example, They play the computer games like Counter strike, Starcraft that seem little violent. But most children distinguish reality from unreality so most of them don't commit a social problem.
Of course, educational efforts need to them to act rightly through right school education. And we need to show Prison's useful aspects for them. For instance, ancestor's mind, scenic nature and buildings...

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Re: Battlefield Tourism(Children and their future)

Post by [LOST]Hung Yu Ching »

I think that is useful for some people that originally obey the law. However, there still are few people committing crime. So how to give these people lessons is quite significant. Nowadays battle field is becoming more and more entertaining. Can children really get some lessons through playing? It is the way that government should consider about.

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