Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

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Lost SunYoung
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Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

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I've been to some battlefield spots since I was young from the fieldtrips from the schools.
I had never expected it much because I had no interest in history, war or whatsoever.
But as I visit there and look around the museum, I could feel what the war was like.
I could feel the horror of the soldiers, and I could feel the grief of the soldiers who lost their friend in front of their eyes, and the bereaved who lost their father or brother.
And looking at the photos of the war, it was just so dreadful that it almost made me shed tears.
The destroyed village, the war refugee, soldiers pointing guns at each other...
Although I had never cared about wars, once I visited the place, these things provoked my attention to the war.
Additionally, since the entrance fee of battlefield spots in Korea is mostly inexpensive, it's worth taking your time and visiting these places.

[LOST]Hung Yu Ching
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Re: Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

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I agree your opinion. When we see war films, we would also have that kind of feeling. It is a good start, and I think we could do more after that. Feeling may be temporary; however, if we can let people know more history and the lessons that we should get from war after that feeling, it will become more educational. People have more motives to know more histories so they can truly understand something about war.

(sixzero7)Songri Lee
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Re: Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

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When I was young even before the elementary school, my parents took me many historical sites. At that time I didn't know much about those places I visited but after I got into schools, I could learn historical backgrounds of them. It gave me some thril to see the pictures on the text book where I had been to. I am not that into history but the places I visited were quite interesting to me. So I think visiting battlefield is beneficial and an effective way to make children be interested in history.

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Re: Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

Post by Sun-SeulGiHwang »

I am not that interested in history. And I am not fond of visiting museums or other historical sites.
However, I think commercializing battlefields may have a good impact on attracting people.
People get to learn our history with little fun added to it.
And by learning our history, we get to honor our ancestors who have fought for us.
I visit some historical sites for tourism, or to go on a date.
And I unintentionally learn stuffs just from simply visiting there.
So I think it is not such a bad idea to commercialize battlefields.

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Re: Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

Post by apple-parkgyuoh »

I agree. Some said it is enough for just pictures and books about the war but i don't think so. Students need actual materials and real scenes for learning about the history or the war even they are young kids. It is totally different from what you see in the books. If you visit the battlefields, you can imagine how the war was carried on that field and feel like you were in the war. So you can know clearly and vividly about the battle. With the books or other materials, you can attain more informations so it can make synergy effects. Anyway, some of the people insist that we don't need battlefields since we have a lot of other memorials. But It is obvious that battlefield is essencial to our society for learning and to reflect on our present situation.

(Lost)Sanghyun Chi
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Re: Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

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so the point is that we should encourage each other to feel the historic site deeply. Someone just passes by a historic remain in a few seconds without any thought.
In fact, I was also one of them. But from some point, i started to read the writings near remains and have been able to know the real flavor of historic tourism. i imagine what they did and how they felt there. it can also apply to battlefield tourism.

(Starbucks)Young Il Seo
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Re: Battlefied Tourism is beneficial.

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I totally agree with your thinking. Like you, I don't have much interests in history ,war or something like that until I became high school students. In my first year of high school, however, our school went to local museum related to war. Before going to there, I didn't expect a lot about the tour as I always did. But I must confess that I was very fascinated the thing that I had disregard. Museum was made up of indoor and outdoor places. In and out, I was hooked on their sights. They were so tragic and made me look back on my past. I realized that I was too indifferent to history and war just because they were not directly related to me. Sine the trip, I think battlefield tour is kind of helpful thing to attractive some people like me. But we should beware of too much commercialized tour.

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