Discuss how general English vocabulary words are used to communicate ideas.
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Hi, I'm Dayana. I'm in United States since 8 months ago. Is so difficult for me speak in English. I undestand to the people, but I can not respond. My mind make me a joke, and put on white. When I stay alone, or when I try to write something, I can make it (maybe not correct at all, but I know that is a good effort, considering that I only studied basic English in the school, and I never learned really English , specially I never had the knowledge to speak in english).
So, sometimes I feel so bad because I can not make a conversation with other people in this country. I do not have friends, and is very frustated can not do anything without help. And, when I feel in this way, I stop study, and I bored to try to make it. I need some class that really make me feel motivated to learn and make me feel that I can really speak English soon.

I'm new here, I do not undenstand the page yet, but I will try to make it. I will appreciate the help.

In advance, thanks.

Dayana Aveiro.
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