Cultural difference of body languages

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Cultural difference of body languages

Post by (sixzero7)leedaul »

Do you know any body language that has different meanings in each cultures?
Even those which we think to be so obvious, for example, nodding as expressing consent, can be understood differently in other cultures.
If you have any example of those, please share us.
Yoo Byoung Jun
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Re: Cultural difference of body languages

Post by Yoo Byoung Jun »

There are many gestures or body languages that can be construed differently from culture to culture. For example, making a circle with your thumb and index finger means OK or money in some countries, but it indicates sexual affairs in other countries. Moreover, making eye contact is the sign of listening to the speaker in Western countries but it can be kind of rude to seniors in Asian countries.
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Re: Cultural difference of body languages

Post by (starbucks)leehyeonsoo »

I've seen this in Korean TV program called "Sponge".
It was very interesting to me because I've never thought of that signs in those ways.

The program showed many examples, for example, in Russia and Brazil, OK sign is a very insulting gestures.
and In korea, unlike many western countries, when you are having a conversation with a person-not a close friend-
too much eye contact could seem quite rude.
And in eastern culture, women tend to block their mouth with their hands to be looked as girlish and shy women,
but in western culture, especially Europe, that gesture means "I'm lying."
Lastly, "thumbs up" gesture means you are the best in most of the countries,
but in middle-east, it means obscene thing.

I was very excited when I saw that program. I think you guys may well be interested too.
(starbucks) Young-Ju Song
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Re: Cultural difference of body languages

Post by (starbucks) Young-Ju Song »

I heard lots of examples of body language which have different meanings. For example, lots of people make V with their hands when they take photos in Korea. It means 'Victory' or maybe just a usual practice. However, in Britain and Australia, it is a serious insulting remark.
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Re: Cultural difference of body languages

Post by (101)bibeksharma »

Back home where i am from if we put both of our hands behind our head while talking then it means that we are listening carefully on what the person has to say. while i heard from one of my colleagues that if you do that in Korea then it shows disrespect. is that true?
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Re: Cultural difference of body languages

Post by (sixzero7)kimseonsuk »

We thumps up when we compliment someone or something.
But in Austrailia it means refusal and contains rudeness.

And in India, touching ear means apologize and in Scottland it means distrust.
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Re: Cultural difference of body languages

Post by (sixzero7)Leekwanhee »

When I was younger than now, I watch a TV program, 'Sponge'.
The topic of the program was cultural difference of body languages!
I can remember that 'OK' sign means 'f**k you' in Brazil.
The program's staffs went to Brazil and had a experiment.
They made 'OK' sign in Brazil, then every Brazilian got mad!
When I first knew about it in the program, I was really amazed.
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