Does it really work?

If you want to get some interview advice, come on in. Also the place for discussing units 6 & 12 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students. And if you need advice for a different kind of conversation that doesn't fit into one of the other categories, ask here. Examples include but are not limited to how to fire someone, how to tell someone their zipper is down, etc.
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Re: Does it really work?

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I agree in your opinion partly. It's natural. However, it is natural that they are natural. There should be various kinds of communication skills cuz we communicate with others everyday. There can be exist many many kinds of situations, so there could be many many kinds of communication skills. So they can be fit in the situation or not. I think it is natural.
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Re: Does it really work?

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In my opinion many books written about communication skills usually tell us facts that we'd already known. However, usually no people used to think deeply on that. Actually, they even didn't recognize it in their daily lives. The role of books is just reminding and refreshing their idea about the fact that they've already known unconsciously. People can think one more time about basic communication skills that they've just went by mind before by reading books, and this leads to someway different, maybe positive behavior, I think.
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Re: Does it really work?

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Acutually Im not quite sure whether they really work in real situations. But better than just don't know at all! Through reading such books, you can feel at least relief or can have confidence that you can do well. Although you can't perfectly apply those rules in real cases, I think It's not because the book is useless. Rather, you'd better blame yourself. IT's just because of lack of practice. If just reading those materials make us perfect presenters, that's a magic! That's impossible.
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Re: Does it really work?

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Well, i haven't read any books regarding communication skills but i do know some gestures that all of us use when we are nervous. We have the intention to rub our hands, shake our legs, and most important our voice kind of changes. Meaning when we talk that we shake unintentionally and our voice shakes a little as well.
I personally think that everyone has their own kind of gesture they use when they are nervous etc.
It differs by person.
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Re: Does it really work?

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It is beneficial and helpful to follow such books' advices. But, the problem lies in whether we could do as the books tell us to do. We have lived for over 20 years during which our conversation styles have firmly entranched in our body and mind, which means it is really hard to change it no matter how other people advise us to do. So, in my opinion, the books work if we could follow the advices of those books, but realistically it is almost impossible. For some time, it could be, but it will go back to our normal habits.
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Re: Does it really work?

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Actually we are not in simple situation. Every person has different characteristic,
so it is hard to use the advices written in those books.
To be a good speaker, I think firstly people have to be in other's position.
We might be in very various speaking situations. We should learn it from that experience.
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Re: Does it really work?

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I read communication skill books. It contains contents I already know, contents I don't know.
But I also realize the contents I know but didn't practice.
I think It is more important to practice the contents you know or don't know, at actual life than to just read and realize the contents.
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