Do you agree or disagree commercializing historic places?

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Do you agree or disagree commercializing historic places?

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Do you agree or disagree commercializing historic locations?

I personally disagree with commercializing historic places. Commericializing historic location has both positive and negative aspects. The positive side of commercializing famous places can act as a great way to promote a country, which can thus effect one's brand value. People from all around the world getting interested in a country can affect a country economically through tourism and so on.

However just like every coin has two sides, the negative aspect of commercializing historic places is severe. By commercializing places, tourists or others tend to vandalized the momuments, statues and so on. In one case, tourists actually carved their names in the wall of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. In result, not only the Temple of Luxor that symbolizes Egypt, was ruined but also repairing it would cost a fortune.

Therefore even though commericializing historic places has many great aspects, we cannot neglect the negative aspects of it as well.

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Section 106 – You Hyun Woo
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Re: Do you agree or disagree commercializing historic places

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By commercializing the historic places, we also educate ‘our’ nation people.
course, commercializing the historic place can cause the Vandalism, as you already said.
However, it can be prevented by just a little care. With this care of the nation, I think commercializing the historic places has more advantage than harm.

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