Is Storm a boy or a girl?

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Is Storm a boy or a girl?

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There's a couple in Canada that refuses to tell people if their baby is male or female.
Hiding the 4-month-old's sex from the outside world is a "tribute to freedom and choice" that they hope will let Storm grow up unfettered by the values of others, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker have been quoted as saying. ... story.html

The article says that some experts fear the child might have trouble while others say there probably won't be any trouble. I did hear some interesting reactions from Americans though:
I think the kid's not going to play his wacky parent's game. His/her first words are going to be "are you nuts?"
The same couple has two sons that they help look "less than boyish" so the kids are sometimes mistaken for being girls. One of the boys even paints his toenails pink. Another American had this to say:
While they promote gender neutrality, they encourage both of their sons to paint their fingernails (pink) among other traditionally female activities. Aren't they basically teaching their boys to be girls? Wouldnt neutrality mean that the kids decide what they want to do? I feel like kicking the father in the sack.
Of course they named their baby Storm. That's a weird name but it does seem like a boy's name to me (Marvel comic book characters not withstanding).

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