Battle Field Tourism

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

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I also agree with Yeougseok Kim's idea. I live in Suwon now. But I seldom went HwaSeong. And including me most Suwon people seldom go HwaSeong too. If they go HwaSeong, they just take a photo and look around monuments. Before long they forget about monuments. And sometimes touring the monuments, some of monuments ruin. So I think BattlefieldTourism is more negative than author`s thought

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

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I think author's idea is right. Battle Field Tourism maybe has some strengths. For example, Battle Field Tourism can make Increasing the visitor and income and People may accept historical place more familiar. But I think Capital makes battle field spoiled. In my opinion, Some investment for entertainment is good. But Casino, Theme park and etc in monument is not 'Battle filed Tourism', but just 'tourism'. Battle Filed is the place that Many soldiers died and I think That is point. Its true essence is remembrance, not entertaining.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

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It is not right to visiting where the battle took place without any respect, and for this part, I also agree with the writer. And also, the battlefield tourism should not be merchandized, because it is kind of disdaining the souls who died in the battlefield. However, as Yeongseok said, to attract people, the place should be an interesting place. For this part, the problem starts to pop out. To make battlefield interesting, there should be 'attracting' things like video or movie system that can show the information about the battle, or statue, and so on. If we do not make battlefields intriguing, people will not visit there, and this is what writer would not want. There is necessity of money to facillities which make battlefileds interesting, and this is the reason why the place, where should be sacred was been merchandized.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

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I certainly agree with Yeongseok Kim's idea. These days, it is important that he or she at least has to know what happened in their country and to be aware of the history. Battle field tourism is one of the effective ways to gain this kind of knowledge. However, many avoid visiting battle field because of its unfriendly, dry atmosphere, and uninteresting spectacle. To solve this problem, there needs to be a combination with the attractive factors that could make people understand the battle field's history while enjoying it. For example, an amusment park could be built with several rides and rollercoasters that are based on a certain battle field. In that way, adults, as wells as kids, could easily be in touch with battle fields and the history which are unlikely to learn through texts and reading.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

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yes. you are alright too. but you so neglect the imporntance of past. human learns many thing from past. past is base of our life
and the battle filed is important for historical value. so spoil the place is absolutely bad.

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